35 years of advancing theatre arts in Sierra Leone – Fritong Players International

35 years of advancing theatre arts in Sierra Leone – Fritong Players International

There is no way one can separate the name Charlie Haffner from Fritong Players International. If anything, he has succeeded in holding the group together for the last 35 years.

One of Sierra Leone’s most treasured cultural activists, Charlie Haffner comes across as a legendary figure in the field of performing arts.

After 30 years at the helm of affairs, he comfortably handed the baton to his son Tutie Haffner. Master 2T as he is fondly called has played his role as a leader of the group while maintaining the established functions of Fritong Players.

Known for a Capella songs throughout Sierra Leone and beyond, Fritong Players have mastered the arts to the admiration of many.

At their Telem Centre, one is sure to see culture at its best. Little wonder they have been invited to perform across the globe including USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

They have maintained the annual Tangains Festival which attracts international cultural practitioners. One can only imagine the thousands of visitors to the National Stadium every December.

Charlie Haffner is also the originator of the famous Atunda Ayenda radio soap opera owned by Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Talking Drum Studio.

Salon Kontri Pot couldn’t have had a better interaction with Fritong Players who to a large extent have continued to energize events with their classic display of performing arts.

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