American-born Sierra Leonean- Yannoh Bangura pays homage to King Bai Bureh

Traditional authorities including ceremonial chiefs from Kasseh Chiefdom in Port Loko District graced the occasion. Dressed in traditional regalia, they sang songs of praise and jubilation as they welcome a daughter of the soil, Free Yannoh Bangura, an American-born Sierra Leonean who recently traced her ancestry to the Temne ethnic group of Sierra Leone.

She was one of 22 persons who recently claimed Sierra Leonean citizenship after completing a DNA test that linked their ancestry to the nation. From Rogballa to Mahera, Rotifunk to Mabureh


people have been making the spiritual journey to Bai Bureh’s grave for cleansing and better opportunities in whatever they lay hands on. Yannoh Bangura had made the visit to pay homage to King Bai Bureh, learn about the Temne culture and interact with her kinfolks.

She was well received by current leader of Kasseh Chiefdom PC Bai Bureh Sallu Lugbu ||.While welcoming their daughter, he revealed some of the causes of the 1898 protectorate rebellion. He said King Bai Bureh of Kasseh Kingdom was one of the pioneers who fought for an independent Sierra Leone.


District Commissioners were appointed and Paramount Chiefs became their subordinates. Kingdoms were reduced to Chiefdoms. District Commissioners could banish anyone from their chiefdoms. Yannoh Bangura was later taken to Bai Bureh’s grave after the necessary rites were performed.


The event was covered for the Salon Kontri Pot TV Show which is aired every Saturday from 4:30-5:30 pm on AYV Entertainment Channel 34. Please watch the ceremony on the link below.

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