Bondumani Arts

Bondumani Arts – Animating the visual arts for a better Sierra Leone

It is very uncommon to see youths who have dedicated their lives to making a living and improving the visual or graphic arts in Sierra Leone.

But 19 year old Aishatu Jalloh has ventured into that reigm as a full time visual artist. She is not alone.

Sahr Songu M’briwa believed all was not lost in the art of painting. That was why they established Bondumani Arts seven years ago.

Their skills in the art of painting and drawing has earned them respect and prestige in their community and even beyond.

Such is the exceptional talent they possess that bypassers were stunned by the amazing portraits they displayed at the Sea Food Complex on Lumley Beach Road in December 2020.

That exhibition was enough to bring them fortunes but for the slow patronage from the public.

Aishatu disclosed that they use a lot of resources and precious time to put those work together. She was optimistic that more people would patronize them in future especially in the area of sponsorship.

Bondumani Arts are into still life drawing, face painting, clothing designs/fabrics painting, mural painting and many other concepts. That is not all.

They currently train children in art work but their dream is to open a school to train more children. They sell the portraits they produce and do customized paintings as well.

In an interview with Salon Kontri Pot TV Show, Aishatu Jalloh admonished her peers thus:

“If you have a talent and passion for anything follow your heart. Do what you love and don’t look down on yourself. No matter how many times people try to put you down keep pushing and one day you will reap the benefits of your hard work.”

Currently located on Saccoh Drive, Lumley Road, Wilberforce, they are just a call away -+23276403799/

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