Celebrating 100 years in good health and strength,

Celebrating 100 years in good health and strength, Alhaji Mohamed Sallu Thomas reveals the secret to longevity

It is not often that people live to celebrate their 100th birthday but whenever they do, society tends to celebrate them. In Sierra Leone, centenarians are hard to come by, but what really is the secret to longevity? The Monuments and Relics Commission’s TV Show Salon Kontri Pot finds out.

To be born in 1920 and still going strong remains an outstanding feat. Alhaji Mohamed Sallu Thomas spent his entire life in the Aberdeen community in Freetown aside from the few years he spent in Guinea acquiring education.

His voice sounded like any 40 year old. Old age has favoured the centenarian to an extent that even close to 100 he was still driving himself around. He does not overdo anything and stays positive almost all the time. He spends time with his family and eats fruits and vegetables often.

He has not for once smoked cigarettes or consumed alcohol. He never parts with water. He eats moderately, walks a lot and sleeps for eight hours everyday.

His wife Haja Bussainatu Thomas is 89 years old and they have been happily married for nearly 70 years. She attributed the success of their marriage to her submission and obedience.

The Salon Kontri Team on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs presented a gift to the celebrant. He thanked and appreciated the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and Monuments and Relics Commission for the gift and prayed for continued direction to lead well.