Day Four:

Day Four: Tuesday February 19, 2019 Comprehensive Survey of Tourism and Cultural Resources in Sierra Leone

Team Tonkolili

The Team took an inventory of the railway bridge relic in Magbankoh village, Tonkolili District, arts and crafts workstations and others.

The bridge connects Bombali and Tonkolili through the Rokel River. All across Sierra Leone, relics of the Rails are scattered in different shapes and sizes.

At Mamunta, relics of the Train Station signpost remain intact.

The Team held Focussed Group Discussions with few Paramount Chiefs in the Tonkolili District. They lamented that the cultural resource base of Sierra Leone was dwindling due to varied factors and expressed optimism that much could be done to reclaim the nation’s heritage.

The Team surveyed the arts and crafts work facilities in Magburaka.

Work continues tomorrow

Mohamed Faray Kargbo

Education and Outreach Officer

Monuments and Relics Commission

23 Pultney Street







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