*Don’t catch or eat fish from that river or be prepared for eternity*

*Don’t catch or eat fish from that river or be prepared for eternity*

During our survey to discover tourism and cultural resources in Sierra Leone. We were told about two sections of a small ditch-like river.

This river in a small village, Bakeh-Loko, Tonkolili District is home to a small variety of fishes whose lives were spared as a result of a curse that was placed on one side of the river.

The curse came about as a result of rampant uncoordinated and unregulated fishing that was previously done on the waters.

The situation was such that the fishes were not allowed to grow.

A curse (Gbomsweh) was therefore instituted on the waters. “Anyone who eats a fish that was on the right side of the river will die automatically. Those who did the fishing would not be spared.”

But the fishermen are permitted to catch if the fishes move to the left part of the river.

That’s how the community continue to get fish stoke up to this day. Had nothing been done, the situation might not have been the same.

What a way to preserve the lives of their natural resource in Bakeh Loko.

Mohamed Faray Kargbo

Cultural Heritage Tourism

Team Tonkolili

Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs

Monuments and Relics Commission