Dynast Amir and his search for Uhuru (freedom)

Dynast Amir and his search for Uhuru (freedom)

Some centuries ago, our people were forcefully removed from their homes in Africa in what became known as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

That unholy trade in human beings was outlawed in 1807 and freedom was restored but the descendants of those who were originally enslaved lost connection with the African continent, their original home.

As the search for their true identity continues, many are tracing their roots through DNA.

Dynast Abefe Adewale Amir is one of them.

He traced his maternal ancestry to the Mende ethnic group in Sierra Leone and has successfully gone through the process of obtaining his citizenship.

His journey to search for Uhuru started when he visited Tanzania in 2011.

“When I arrived, they asked me: Where are you from? I replied them saying I’m a Black American. They said OK we know you are an African American but which tribe are you from?”

Unable to satisfactorily answer this question, he then embarked on a journey of self discovery the search which has already taken him to 17 countries. The search for Uhuru will continue to unearth the enviable culture of Africa.

He said there is a perception among Africans that as we modernise we have to sacrifice our culture but without culture who are you?

He appealed to the African Diaspora to return home to Sierra Leone and invest but more so to enjoy the culture

Dynast has since then being detailing his journey through his Search for Uhuru YouTube page. He continues to bridge the gap between Africa and the Diaspora.

The interview was shown on the Salon Kontri Pot TV Show which is aired every Saturday on AYV TV from 4:30-5:30pm.

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