Heritage Club of Ahmadiyya consults a shaman to predict the planting season

“It was approaching the rainy season in Masongbo village and the whole clan had gathered to welcome the new planting season. Men, women and children came out en masse to make merry. They did it in such a way that one would have thought they were celebrating a bumper harvest.

On the other side of the village square, four men were carrying the Paramount Chief in a hammock. Clad in his traditional ronko regalia, the chief looked anything but a no-nonsense leader. His facial expression suggests that something sinister was about to happen. Not only was the chief going to celebrate with his subjects, he was going to address them as well. In his entourage were the movers and shakers of that society. His guttural voice was enough to wake a sleeping lion.


When all had settled, the PC noticed that the shaman was conspicuously absent. He therefore summoned him to appear immediately. The revelations of the medicine man about the imminent planting season was disturbing as it was horrifying.”

The above is an excerpt of the drama displayed by the Heritage Club of Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in their entry for the cross-cultural short video competition organized by the Monuments and Relics Commission with support from the International National Trusts Organization (INTO). The best video would be awarded a prize.

The competition continues.

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