Sierra Leone Kontri Pot

Heritage Education Activation Programme (Heap): A Channel for Cultural Diversity Education in Sierra Leone


Our mandate is enhanced by identifying important examples of Sierra Leone’s heritage that can be understood, appreciated, shared, enjoyed and studied by current and future generations.


Heritage education evolved but for Sierra Leone’s case has not matured over the years creating huge heritage neglect. Among the factors responsible for such state of affairs, is the largely uninformed public on heritage preservation, promotion and management matters for sustainable tourism development and economic diversification.

The Commission in a bid to lay a sustained cultural path for a revival unveils the Idea “Salone Kontri Pot” in a virtual series of the maiden Heritage Education Activation Programme (HEAP).

 Using the “Kontri Pot” to anchor the Heritage Education Activation Programme has unique and diverse heritage associations that appreciate collective heritage memory within and outside Sierra Leone. As a sector, we are fully aware of the manifest functions cultural communication plays in fostering cultural diversity, exchange, solidarity and sustainable development.

Culture is integral in the targets prescribed in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The heritage education activation programme (HEAP) seeks to close the gap in cultural education and acceptance in Sierra Leone and model a new era in the discourse of our cultural legacy. Thus, moving culture in Sierra Leone from the passive to the active.

Why a Salon Kontri Pot Programme

To unlock the full potential of Culture as a central component of international relations.

A medium (Salon Kontri Pot) to project your cultural identity, values and heritage within the host nation of Sierra Leone to facilitate learning and exchanges.

With a sustained working partnership with the Diplomatic Missions in Sierra Leone through “Salon Kontri Pot”, locals will familiarize with the heritage and tourism sector of the sister nations.

Our Goal

  • Empower Sierra Leoneans to be advocates and ambassadors of heritage preservation, tourism marketing and national rebranding.
  • To preposition culture and heritage as indispensable for human progress that acknowledges our national identity and diversity.
  • Further enhance local knowledge on the potentials of cultural diplomacy in facilitating sustainable growth during and post covid19.
  • Salon Kontri Pot enhances Sierra Leone’s visibility and presence on the world wide web projecting and promoting the country as an attractive cultural hub for tourism
  • The centrality of the Salon Kontri Pot show is to promote heritage education using a participatory a culture and heritage of Sierra Leone.
  • We use multimedia approach to reach our target audience thereby creating some level of convenience for every member of society. Meeting the cultural needs of our people is pivotal to achieving the gains of this show.
  • Powered by the Monuments and Relics Commission, the show engages Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leoneans alike on local historic sites, built environment, living heritage as an essential source of identity and continuity (cultural tradition, performances, ritual, popular memory, skills and techniques, indigenous knowledge system), primary resource documents, artifacts, photographs, and oral histories to learn about the past, the present, and the future that is shared with viewers and listeners.


Valuing the diverse heritage as an element of how we perceive ourselves and negotiate our biases through sustained multi-cultural education is critical in the achievement of sustainable development globally.