The rebirth of a Commission

They treated you like a vampire

Nothing good to admire

No one envied your past condition

Not even members of this jurisdiction

Your assets were so ramshackle

Making them some of the worst spectacle

Alas! A new leader has proven critics wrong

The reconstituted entity is very very strong

The Monuments and Relics Commission

Your rebirth in 2014 was the best solution

Now everyone is getting closer

Assuring you that you are sober

Our monuments are no longer dilapidated

Our cultural heritage is being resuscitated

From the dustbin of neglect and deterioration

You have risen to the height of fame and perfection

Making way for the emergence of heritage tourism

Relegating tribalism, regionalism and nepotism

Political will will undoubtedly ensure you live happily

Culturally, you need economic boom to move healthily